Minutes of the May 2017 Executive Committee

Minutes of the 283rd Executive Committee meeting held on Saturday on Saturday 13 May 2017 at CPRE Protect Kent offices in Charing

This meeting followed immediately after the Annual General Meeting.

Present: Jessamy Blanford (WKPS); Crispin Davies (Hythe); Jean Mayton(Ramsgate); Philip Robinson (Associate); Catherine and Keith Stephenson (Rochester); John Walker (Canterbury and Ramsgate); and David White (Deal).

 Apologies: Christine Furminger (Rochester), Rosemary Kirk (Rochester) and Alastair Tod(Tunbridge Wells).

1        Minutes of 282nd Executive Committee meeting on 1 April 2017 – These were unavailable and were deferred until the next meeting.

2        Matters Arising – Any matters arising were deferred to the next meeting.

3        Chairman’s Report – John Walker reported that Civic Voice has just moved from Liverpool to Birmingham.  He also he reported that Civic Voice has secured core funding of £70k per annum from Historic England for 3 years following an external review of its first 7 years.

4        Local Plans and 5 Years Land Supply – John Walker reported on a recent decision by the Supreme Court that appeared to indicate that land with national designations, such as AONB or Green Belt, was no longer protected if there was not an agreed 5 year supply of land for housing.  He agreed to circulate the decision.

5        Conservation Area Appraisals – David White reported on the undertaking of appraisals by the Deal Society in co-operation with Dover District Council.   The Society used a shortened version of the Oxford Character Assessment Toolkit for appraising conservation areas.  The Deal Society is currently working with Historic England to firm up the shortened version and this will be launched at a national meeting in the first week of October 2017 in Canterbury.

6        Local Listing – Crispin Davies asked if any society has created, or was in the process of creating, a “local list” that has featured in the Civic Voices “Updates” recently.  This used to be the non-statutory Grade III list from Historic England.  It was suggested that this topic could be added to the national meeting to be held by Historic England in October in Canterbury.

7        Relationships with District Councils – During this discussion it was agreed that strong points in favour of civic societies were that they were non-political in nature and had the ability to be a “critical friend” of the local authority.  With the increasingly reduced finances of local authorities it was thought that a body of volunteers could complement the work of local authorities.  Catherine Stephenson spoke about the difficulties that the Rochester Society was having in progressing the request for a Town Council with the unitary Council.   Nicely in my back yard rather than not in my back yard!

8        Date of next meeting – Saturday 1 July 2017 at the CPRE (Protect Kent) offices in Charing.  (since re-arranged for Saturday 15 July 2017)

The meeting closed at 12 noon.