Minutes of the May 2017 Annual Meeting

MINUTES of the 53rd ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING on Saturday 13 May 2017 at the Offices of CPRE Protect Kent, Ashford Road, Charing.

Present: Jessamy Blanford (WKPS); Crispin Davies (Hythe); Jean Mayton (Ramsgate); Philip Robinson (Associate); Catherine and Keith Stephenson (Rochester); John Walker (Canterbury and Ramsgate); and David White (Deal).

Apologies: Christine Furminger (Rochester), Rosemary Kirk (Rochester) and Alastair Tod (Tunbridge Wells).

1      Introduction - The Chairman of the Executive Committee, John Walker, took the chair.  He advised that the annual meeting was inquorate but, after a brief discussion, it was agreed to continueThe Chairman reported that the Hon Secretary was unable to attend but that Crispin Davies would act as Hon Secretary for the meeting.

2       Minutes of the 52nd Annual Meeting held on Saturday 23 June 2016 – The tabled minutes were agreed and signed by the Chairman. 

3      Matters Arising – There were no matters arising.

4        Chairman’s Report – The Chairman, John Walker, gave a brief report on the year’s activities.  There was a discussion on the impact of the continuing reduction of Government grant to local authorities, how this may affect local communities and what role civic societies could play in this changing world.  This report was accepted and a copy is attached to these minutes for information.

During a discussion on “looking ahead” it was suggested that David White may wish to lead a KFAS workshop on “communications” as the Deal Society appeared to be engaging with its community in a multitude of ways.  This was agreed.

5      Treasurer’s Report – Philip Robinson reported on a year of deficit of some £500 due to a decision to host the President’s Lunch at no cost to those attending.  He commented that the room hire cost in 2016/17 had been waived.  The financial statement at 31 March 2017 was accepted and is attached to these minutes.

6        Election of Officers - The following Officers were elected for one year:

Chairman – John Walker (Canterbury and Ramsgate Societies)

Vice Chairman – Vacancy

Hon Secretary – Christine Furminger (City of Rochester Society)

Hon Membership Secretary – Christine Furminger (City of Rochester Society)

Hon Treasurer – Philip Robinson (Associate Member)

Hon Editor – Vacancy

7        Executive Committee – in addition to the officers the following persons were elected to the Committee:

Jessamy Blanford (Weald of Kent Protection Society)

Crispin Davies (Hythe Civic Society)

Alastair Tod (Royal Tunbridge Wells Civic Society)

8      Other Issues Raised by Members – None.

There being no other business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 11.20am